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September, 2000.  Rather than focus on the city's first baseball championship in six years, the Chicago media chooses to make a story out of poor attendance.  Why aren't Sox Fans surprised? 

Enough about Attendance!

by Scott Armstrong

Oh my God they won't shut up about the attendance will they??  Everything you hear on the radio, everything you read in the paper... it's all about how terrible Sox fans are for not going to the games.  I go to almost 20 games a year, and they try to make me feel guilty for not being there. You know the same thing you hear on the Score, "Come on Sox fans, this team has played their hardest all year, they deserve good crowds, why don't you show up?"   Well, I do show up as much as I can, I know what the Sox have done, I've forked out hundreds of dollars to the Sox. They don't need to tell me to show up. I don't feel bad about the poor attendance.

Anyways, it has its advantages, you know. The last game I was at there was a crowd of 28,000+ I think. I bought upper deck seats, hoping to find some open seats down stairs and steal them.  I couldn't find a single seat.  I was forced to sit in the upper deck.  This happened to me a few other times this year too.  Back when there were 15,000 people there, me and my friends would buy upper deck seats and sit wherever the hell we wanted.  There were no lines in the bathrooms, no lines for food. The only thing is with the low crowds there isn't as much energy, and the game isn't as much fun as it could be.  From a fans perspective, good crowds and bad crowds have their advantages and disadvantages.

So the Tribune and the Score can have fun talking about how Sox attendance sucks. I could care less. The Sox are in first place, they are going to the playoffs, I go to Sox games, and I have a good time.  Who cares if some people are missing out on a good thing?  If you watch the games, go to a few games, and follow the team, it's not your fault.  You have nothing to feel guilty for.  Who gives a damn what the attendance is?  Who gives a damn how many empty blue seats there are?   Last time I checked, attendance doesn't win you anything.


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