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Game Recap
Game 1
October 4 Boston Podsednik's steal!

 A special tribute by WSI's totally biased Sox Fans to Chicago's baseball championship 88 years in the making

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Game 2

October 5

Boston 5-run Fifth!

October 6

Game 3

October 7

at Boston El Duque!

October 8

  October 9    

October 10

Game 1

October 11

LA Angels Valiant effort

October 12

LA Angels Buehrle's Complete Dominance!

October 13


October 14

at LA Angels Garland's Complete Gem!

October 15

at LA Angels Garcia's Complete Mastery!
October 16 at LA Angels Contrera's Complete Conquest!
October 17    
October 18    
  October 19    
  October 20    
  October 21    
World Series
Game 1
October 22 Houston Dye goes deep!
World Series
Game 2
October 23 Houston Konerko's slam!
  October 24    
World Series
Game 3
October 25 at Houston Blum's 14th inning bomb!
World Series
Game 4
October 26 at Houston One-nil to the WHITE SOX!

Post Season News Watch

Feature Interview

10/3... Pot Smoking leads Cubune's Sox playoff coverage!

10/30... Cubune pours cold water on Sox championship


Bob Shaw speaks!
October 6, 1959. For over 46 years it was the last date a Sox pitcher had ever won a World Series game, Game 5 of the 1959 World Series. The Sox winning pitcher that day was Bob Shaw. Now WSI's totally biased Sox Fans can learn what it meant to be on that team and bring glory to Chicago's South Side straight from the mouth of this Sox great from the past, another EXCLUSIVE interview from White Sox Interactive and Mark Liptak

Post Season Spotlight Features

 American League Division Series vs. Boston Red Sox
Playoff Preparation!
It's October and the Sox are bearing down on the ultimate goal of their six-month quest for championship glory! WSI's Hal Vickery recounts the week that was and the week ahead we Sox Fans have been anticipating going all the way back to the Tucson desert last March!
The Great Week!
Is the best yet to come? You betcha! WSI's Guy Bacci wasn't alive the last time the Sox won a post-season playoff series and bets nobody else reading this on the world wide web was alive either! The Sox advance and the ride has been great. Better still there is more to come!
A Whole New Ballgame!
Boston is taillights and the ALCS promises to be even tougher, but the 2005 Sox show the mettle to battle through most anything! WSI's Hal Vickery notes what makes this October so very different for all the totally biased Sox Fans watching this October's action unfold.
Unasked questions at ESPN?
Does ESPN suffer from an east coast bias? Though he clearly resides in his own glass house, the Cubune's Ed Sherman bravely casts the first stone! WSI's Mark Liptak has a few more questions left unanswered.
 American League Championship Series vs. Los Angeles Angels
The Reverse of Cursed!
While the national media prattles on about silly curses no Sox Fan has ever heard of and certainly doesn't believe, the 2005 White Sox prove over and over again what makes them special and anything but cursed! WSI's Mary Swistara is one more totally biased Sox Fan who knows the South Side's championship will be the sweetest ever!
Favorite Underdogs!
New heights of silliness surrounds dropped third strikes while allegedly irrefutable video evidence has the media in a tizzy, but not WSI's Hal Vickery! The 2005 Sox have overcoming the oddsmakers odds all the way back to last spring. Now they're the South Side's favorite underdogs!
Dream Post-season!
Is is everything we Sox Fans have ever dreamed about? Hell yeah! The 2005 Sox top off a near-perfect ride in the regular season with an even better post-season playoff run. Now WSI's Guy Bacci joins the legions of totally biased Sox Fans looking forward to even better things to come!
 World Series vs. Houston Astros
A World Series for Chicago
The national media has suddenly discovered what a passionate bunch Chicago's Sox Fans truly are. What they don't realize is just how passionate Sox Fans have been even when everyone around us was focused on everything but winning baseball. 46 years of baseball futility in Chicago is over and, as WSI's George Bova notes, it is the city's Sox Fans alone who carry the torch forward 88 years in quest of the world championship we live and die for!
Memo to Fox Sports!
It's the national spotlight that shines down on Chicago and the Sox, but confusion lingers over exactly what makes Sox Fans unique! Ever in search of another story angle, Fox Sports seems hell bent to sell America a story about the Curse of Shoeless Joe -- going so far as inventing the curse from whole cloth! Along with every other Sox Fan, WSI's Hal Vickery is ticked and won't let such silliness stand! We're not cursed and never claimed to be. Deal with it, Fox!
Champion rings for the South Side!
For Chicago's baseball fans who live and die for winning baseball, this month of October 2005 has been the greatest ever! North Side, South Side and everywhere in between, too, WSI's Guy Bacci explains what makes this such an extraordinary time for totally biased Sox Fans from coast to coast!
Finally Our Turn!
Is WSI's Hal Vickery at a loss for words? Say it ain't so! After decades of religiously following the Chicago White Sox, it's hard to pick out just those things that are absolutely the most noteworthy. Chicago's baseball champions almost leave our guy speechless... ALMOST!
A Championship for the Ages!
The significance of this Sox championship will not be lost on Sox Fans or Chicago's fans who care about winning. But as WSI's George Bova notes, the significance also won't be lost on baseball's insiders who have seen the future of the game and have found it in what the 2005 Chicago White Sox already are! After 88 Years and Waiting, WE WON!!!
Thank you, White Sox
It's a championship not to be believed, but truth is often stranger than fiction! WSI's Dave Schmitt is one more Sox Fan truly impressed by what this team achieved and not too proud to eat his share of crow, too -- no ketchup.
Dealing with Success
The Sox have won it all and suddenly we Sox Fans are confronted with a whole new problem: dealing with success! WSI's Hal Vickery takes the theoretical discussions of the past and places them into the reality of 2005 and beyond for all totally biased Sox Fans.
Brave New World of Sox Fandom
Everything is different now that the White Sox are world champions, so what are Sox Fans to do? WSI's George Bova is just one more confused Sox Fan but we have all year to figure it out!



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