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Sox Fans'
Trivia Quiz #1

Test Your White Sox Knowledge!

Question 1.
Why did Dick Allen's teammates nickname him "Crash"?
a.) His aggressive style of play.
b.) He had numerous near-death air travel experiences.
c.) He always wore a batting helmet.
d.) He had a habit of showing up uninvited.

Question 2.
Which year did the American League suspend the White Sox's charter?
a.) 1917
b.) 1927
c.) 1937
d.) 1947

Question 3.
According to ex-Sox catcher Jerry McNertney, what did the light-hitting Sox of the 60's grow on their baseballs?
a.) Moss
b.) Mold
c.) Mildew
d.) Manganese

Question 4.
On May 1,1951 Minnie Minoso hit a home run in his first major league at-bat for the Chicago White Sox.  Name the other rookie who got his first home run in the same game.
a.) Mickey Mantle
b.) Duke Snider
c.) Jimmy Piersall
d.) Chico Carrasquel

Question 5.
Name the two White Sox mascots of the 80's.
a.) Ribbie and Roobarb
b.) Dumb and Dumber
c.) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
d.) Cheesy and Sleazy

Question 6.
Which was the first year the White Sox didn't wear white socks?
a.) 1934
b.) 1939
c.) 1944
d.) 1949

Question 7.
What was the name of Jack McDowell's rock band?
a.) The Scabs
b.) View
c.) Jam Pact
d.) Carrera

Question 8.
Who taught Wilbur Wood how to throw the knuckleball?
a.) Hoyt Wilhelm
b.) Learned from reading cereal box
c.) Eddie Fisher
d.) His high school coach

Question 9.
Name the Sox pitcher who married Charles Comiskey's daughter, Dorothy?
a.) Mont Stratton
b.) Thornton Lee
c.) Ted Lyons
d.) John Rigney

Question 10.
What was the name of the White Sox bullpen car in the 60's?
a.) Veeck's Wreck
b.) The Big White Machine
c.) Sox It To Me!
d.) Hell on Wheels

Question 11.
How many roof shots did Ron Kittle hit at Old Comiskey?
a.) Five
b.) Six
c.) Seven
d.) Eight

Question 12.
The LAST seat in Old Comiskey' upper deck was 150 feet behind homeplate.  How far behind homeplate is the FIRST seat in New Comiskey's upper deck?
a.) 40 feet
b.) 80 feet
c.) 120 feet
d.) 160 feet



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