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Sox Fans' Quiz #11
Totally Biased Sox Fans'
10th Anniversary
WSI Tribute

with WSI Editor & Founder George Bova

Thanksgiving, 2008 marks TEN YEARS worth of totally biased, utterly petty and completely unobjective attitude from White Sox Interactive, the original website devoted to the FANS of the Chicago White Sox.  How well do you know your WSI history?  Test your WSI IQ!

Question 1.
In ten years what is the only time WSI ever stopped publishing?
a.) August, 1999:  Manager Jerry Manuel creates a junior-varsity Sox line up for Bud Billiken Day.
b.) April, 2001: closes its doors taking down nearly all their websites.
c.) September, 2001:  9/11 terrorists attacks on United States.
d.) September,  2003:  Manager Jerry Manuel brings Jose Paniaqua into game just to see what happens.

The original WSI flying sock debuted in 1998!

Question 2.
What is the name of the original WSI message board?
a.) Sox Clubhouse
b.) Pale Hose Pontifications
c.) White Flagged!
d.) Smelly high school boys' locker room.

Question 3.
Who is the very first book author to contribute material at WSI?
a.) Rich Lindberg:  The White Sox Encyclopedia.
b.) Larry Kalas:  Strength Down the Middle.
c.) Peter Elliott:  Park Life, Summer of '77 at Comiskey Park.
d.) Art McDonald:  This Date in New York Yankee Hating.

Question 4.
What Sox radio personality did some "Chicago-style" voting on-air during WSI's Sox Fans' Hall of Fame polling?
a.) John Rooney
b.) Dave Wills
c.) Chris Rongey
d.) Ed Farmer

Question 5.
What year did WSI re-introduce Sox Fans to the Soxogram message board?
a.) 1999
b.) 2000
c.) 2001
d.) 2002

The current WSI flying sock takes flight at Rivals in 2000!

Question 6.
What year did WSI re-introduce Sox Fans to the Captain Stubby fight song "Let's Go Go Go White Sox?
a.) 1999
b.) 2000
c.) 2001
d.) 2002

Question 7.
Who was the creator of the "totally biased, utterly petty, completely unobjective" nadir of White Sox Interactive?
a.) George Bova
b.) Terry Bevington
c.) Gary Craig
d.) Vito Fungo

Question 8.
Who was the original host provider serving White Sox Interactive's pages to the 'netizens of the world wide web?
a.) MediaOne
b.) GeoCities
c.) Webaxx
d.) Rivals

Question 9.
Who was the opposition fielder WSI's Totally Biased Game Recap once referred to as a lumbering ox?
a.) Kent Hrbek
b.) David Ortiz
c.) Jason Giambi
d.) Boog Powell

Question 10.
Who was the Sox pitcher so bad three consecutive seasons, WSI began a "three-peat report" just to track his progress?
a.) Gary Glover
b.) Scott Schoenweis
c.) Bob Howry
d.) Jaime Navarro

Question 11.
Who wrote WSI's Psychic Pre-game Report?
a.)  Ringmaster Ned
b.) Cookie the Clown
c.) Chulveston the Duck
d.) The Wiz

Question 12.
White Sox Interactive's Comiskey Park Food Guide proved what ballpark food item most popular with totally biased Sox Fans?
a.)  Grilled Polish
b.)  Corn Elotes
c.)  Funnel Cake
d.)  Chicken Dinner

Question 13.
What was the longest running thread in WSI message board history?
a.)  Your 2005 World Champions!
b.)  YOU write tomorrow's Cubune headline!
c.)  Ask Farmio! 
d.)  Bipolar Sox post-game discussion thread (any).

Question 14.
What is the original "bad boy" version of White Sox Interactive?
a.)  WSI Board of Death
b.)  WSI RAW!
c.)  Whose REALLY the douche?
d.)  Pwned!

Question 15.
What was the column space written by White Sox Interactive's Vito Fungo?
a.)  Italian Beef
b.)  Pale Imitation
c.)  Teenie Weanie
d.)  Caponed!

Question 16.
What Sox Park junk food has achieved achieved legendary status thanks to WSI's Sox Fan Question of the Week?
a.)  Lemon Chill
b.)  Dippin' Dots
c.)  Super Nachos
d.)  Churros

Question 17.
Whatever happened to Ribbie and Roobarb?
a.)  Eaten by Waldo the Wolf.
b.)  Proprietors of their own auto detailing shop.
c.)  Tragically died trying to outrun Pepperoni in Connie's Pizza Race.
d.)  Now happily married, proud parents of Southpaw.

The Top-Ten Features from
White Sox Interactive's first ten years

as selected by WSI editor and founder
George Bova.


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