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Sox Fans'
Trivia Quiz #4
Test Your White Sox Knowledge!

Question 1.
For which college football team did both Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas play?
a.) Alabama.
b.) Southern Miss.
c.) Georgia Tech.
d.) Auburn.

Question 2.
Robin Ventura had a 56 game hitting streak when he was in college.  Who was the opposing pitcher to put that streak to an end?
a.) Jack McDowell
b.) Alex Fernandez
c.) Wilson Alvarez
d.) Jason Bere

Question 3.
What year did the White Sox wear shorts?
a.) 1974
b.) 1975
c.) 1976
d.) 1977

Question 4.
Which year did Old Comiskey Park get its first whitewash?
a.) 1940
b.) 1950
c.) 1960
d.) 1970

Question 5.
Which innovation did Bill Veeck NOT introduce to baseball?
a.) Names on back of uniforms
b.) Exploding scoreboard
c.) Midget pinch hitters
d.) Artificial turf

Question 6.
Voters in which Chicago suburb rejected a referendum inviting the Sox to move into their community?
a.) Schaumburg
b.) Arlington Heights
c.) Addison
d.) Stickney

Question 7.
Which city HAS NOT been a suitor to the White Sox?
a.) Denver
b.) Seattle
c.) St. Petersburg
d.) Washington, D.C.

Question 8.
Which year did Dick Allen win the American League MVP ward?
a.) 1971
b.) 1972
c.) 1973
d.) 1974

Question 9.
Which free agent player sent a letter to the Sox (amongst other teams) telling them not to bother bidding since he would only consider offers from "contending" teams?
a.) Nolan Ryan
b.) Pete Rose
c.) Dave Winfield
d.) Dave Kingman

Question 10.
Which major league franchise served as the Sox's de facto farm team for a period in the early-50's?
a.) Kansas City Athletics
b.) Boston Braves
c.) St. Louis Browns
d.) Cleveland Indians

Question 11.
Which of these Go-Go era Sox players did GM Frank Lane acquire first?
a.) Chico Carrasquel
b.) Nellie Fox
c.) Luis Aparicio
d.) Jim Rivera

Question 12.
What was produced under the stands in Old Comiskey's early years?
a.) soda pop
b.) chewing gum
c.) sausage links
d.) baseball bats



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