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Sox Fans'
Trivia Quiz #9
A tribute to the 1920 White Sox!

Question 1.
Who was the pitching hero of the 1917 World Series for the White Sox, Chicago's last championship ballclub?
a.) Red Faber
b.) Dickie Kerr
c.) Ed Cicotte
d.) Lefty Williams

Question 2.
Each of these ballplayers had three separate stints with the White Sox, except one.  Name him.
a.) Harold Baines
b.) Minnie Minoso
c.) Ron Kittle
d.) Luis Aparicio

Question 3.
How many 20-game winners did the 1920 White Sox have, the last season before the Black Sox scandal broke?
a.) One
b.) Two
c.) Three
d.) Four

Question 4.
What was Joe Jackson's batting average in the 1919 World Series, the one that got him banned from baseball even though he was never convicted of a crime?
a.) .325
b.) .350
c.) .375
d.) .400

Question 5.
Which of these ballplayers has won the most gold gloves playing for the Sox?
a.) Nellie Fox
b.) Luis Aparicio
c.) Jim Landis
d.) Robin Ventura

Question 6.
Sox Fans voted for more shortstops on the team's official "all-century" team than any other position back in 2000 (not counting pitchers).  Of the 27 ballplayers honored, how many were shortstops?
a.) Two
b.) Three
c.) Four
d.) Five

Question 7.
The pre-Black Sox scandal 1920 White Sox still hold the franchise record for team batting average.  What was their team batting average?
a.) .285
b.) .290
c.) .295
d.) .300

Question 8.
Among the eight everyday ballplayers on the 1920 White Sox, how many batted .300 or higher?
a.) Two
b.) Three
c.) Four
d.) Five

Question 9.
How many games did the 1920 White Sox lose after the eight suspected Black Sox were suspended, the team finishing in second-place, two games behind Cleveland?
a.) Two games
b.) Four games
c.) Six games
d.) Eight games

Question 10.
How many years would it be before the Sox won as many as the 96 games achieved by the 1920 White Sox?
a.) 24 years
b.) 34 years
c.) 44 years
d.) 54 years

Question 11.
How many years would it be before major league baseball would have another team with as many as four 20-game winners as did the 1920 White Sox?
a.) 21 years
b.) 31 years
c.) 41 years
d.) 51 years

Question 12.
How many Sox ballplayers were ever convicted of what one historian characterized as the "available evidence suggesting" the 1920 White Sox were dropping games on purpose in late-August, 1920?
a.)  Eight
b.)  Six
c.)  Four
d.)  None

Note:  The totally biased Sox Fans at White Sox Interactive salute the 1920 White Sox at  This great Sox team is the last one before the franchise's 40 year winter following the Black Sox scandal, a championship drought that continues to the present day for Chicago's true baseball fans who suffer in anonymity.

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