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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

Embarassing Moments

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been!

Whether they make you laugh or make you cry, here is a collection of Sox photographs that will definitely make someone blush!

The famous photo from the '59 World Series.
Sox leftfielder Al Smith hopelessly looks up to watch a
a home run hit by L.A.'s Charley Neal.  He receives
a beer shower from a distracted Sox fan.

Steve "Disco" Stone from his
1979 Topps baseball card.


Future Sox GM Ron Schueler shows off the form that won him
3 games for the Sox back in
1978.  He lost 5.

Sox GM Ken Harrelson
looks like something from a
Lynyrd Skynryd album cover
in this 1986 pocket schedule.

A Pair of Veeck Promotional Stunts

Luis Aparicio appears less than impressed
with Barnum Bill's latest set of famous midgets,
a trio of tiny martians at Comiskey.


Ex-Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass gets a
try-out for Veeck's pitching staff in the late 70's.
One wag suggests that batters could protect 
themselves from ever getting hit by 
Douglass simply by wearing #88.
Two More Reasons to Love Jerry Reinsdorf

It's April, 1988 and the Sox are running
a weekend promotion with a mouse and his
sidekick at Comiskey Park.
Need more proof the Sox were heading
for Florida?

Andy the Clown was never an employee of
the Chicago White Sox and never was
compensated for his years of duty 
at Old Comiskey.
Sox management refused to let him
continue his act at the 
New Comiskey Park when it opened
in 1991.

The Most Embarassing Moment of All!

August 8, 1976 and the Chicago White Sox
are wearing shorts for the first game of a doubleheader
against the Kansas City Royals.
"You guys are the sweetest team we've seen yet,"
cackled KC's John Mayberry.
The Sox wore pants for the second game.

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