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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

The Forties:  Lean Years

The Sox had no money, few fans, and during the war years no players.  It had been over 20 years since the franchise's glory years.  Would they ever return?

Sox manager of the 30's and 40's, Jimmy Dykes.

Tony Cuccinello nearly won the league batting title
in 1944.  He later became a coach for the White Sox.
It's Opening Day, 1940 and the White Sox are
being held hitless on a cold April day in
Comiskey Park.  Jimmy Dykes looks on with only
the comfort of a hot water bottle to help him.
Aging Sox hero, Ted Lyons, has his day at Comiskey Park.  Ted managed
the team in 1946-48.  With no money, the team never won more than 70 games.

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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

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