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The White Sox were the keystone franchise for Ban Johnson's new American League in 1900.  Relocated from St. Paul, Comiskey's White Stockings won the league pennants in '00 and '01.  The established National League wouldn't play the A.L. champions, so no World Series championship could be achieved.  By '06 the Sox were champions, beating the the 117-win Cubs 4 games to 2.

Comiskey rebuilt a team of stars which dominated the league in the late-teens and seemed destined for continued glory into the 20's.  The banning of eight players for throwing the '19 World Series ended the dream.

The ultimate glory for White Sox fans, defeating the crosstown Cubs
for the world championship.  Sox pitcher Doc White pitched the full
nine innings to win the decisive game for Comiskey's 1906 Hitless Wonders.


Chicago's last world champion baseball team, the 1917 Chicago White Sox.


Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte was left $10,000 under his pillow
the night before pitching Game 1 of the 1919 World Series.
He lost that game as well as Game 4.  So why did he pitch great in
Game 7?  Was he having second thoughts?  He confessed everything to
Comiskey after the series.  He needed money to pay off his mortgage and
support his wife and kids.  Along with seven other Black Sox, he was banned
from baseball for life.

It's Opening Day, 1920 for the American League champion
Chicago White Sox.  The darkness of the hidden Black Sox scandal
is not yet known.

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