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In honor of actor Andy Garcia and his (unintentionally) hilarious reaction to Sofia (Mary Corleone) Coppola's death scene in "The Godfather, Part III."
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old "Cubune" headline

Posted 10-14-2013 at 11:08 PM by TommyJohn

[I][B][SIZE=6]LaRussa's A Champ![/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=4]Former White Sox Manager beats former White Sox coach to win World Series; second to win in both leagues[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=6]20 Years after White Sox fired him, LaRussa again on top[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=6]How stupid does Jerry Reinsdorf feel now?[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=6]June 20, 1986-Where were you?[/SIZE][/B]

[B]It was a day most White Sox fans would prefer[/B]
[B]to forget, if only we'd let them. But we won't![/B]
[B]It was on that day that Ken "Squawk" Harrelson,[/B]
[B]the most clueless executive in history, fired Tony[/B]
[B]LaRussa, the most brilliant leader and tactical [/B]
[B]genius [/B][B]since the Duke of Wellington. It sent the[/B]
[B](Ugh. Pee-yew. Sneer.) south side franchise [/B]
[B]down the drain and into a tailspin that we are[/B]
[B]making sure they stay in. Now the man that [/B]
[B]wasn't good enough for the ghetto ballpark on[/B]
[B]the crime-ridden south side where William Ligue[/B]
[B]cheered on his favorite team before going to[/B]
[B]prison, is on top of the world. Jerry, we told you [/B]

[B]But Jerry's blundering doesn't stop there. He also[/B]
[B]gift-wrapped Magglio Ordonez to the Tigers, [/B]
[B]with Dave Dombrowski. He also had Gene Lamont[/B]
[B]fired. So many ex-Sox. So where were the Sox?[/B]
[B]At home, taking in the game with William Ligue.[/B]
[B]Have we mentioned William Ligue in the last two[/B]
[B]days or so? No? We apologize for the oversight.[/B]

[B]And what of Kenny Williams? The brilliant [/B]
[B](snicker snicker) GM of the Sox also contributed[/B]
[B]his fair share of Cardinals. He swapped Aaron[/B]
[B]Miles for Juan (The Kid) Uribe. Now Aaron Miles[/B]
[B]is celebrating a World Series win, while Juan is[/B]
[B]wanted dead or alive after using Navy officers[/B]
[B]for target practice. HA![/B]

[B]But let's not be too hard on Kenny. He did try to[/B]
[B]sign Kenny "The Cheat" Rogers a couple of years[/B]
[B]ago, before getting A.J. "The Bigger Cheat" [/B]
[B]Pierzynski. Seeing as the White Sox fixed the[/B]
[B]World Series as recently as 1919, we're not [/B]
[B]surprised that their GM is attracted to cheaters[/B]
[B]and scum.[/B]

[B]So now the Sox sit at home this October while[/B]
[B]all their ex-employees celebrate. [/B]

[B][SIZE=6]Inside: Cardinals celebrate with ex-Sox manager LaRussa[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=6]Number 1 White Sox fan William Ligue weighs in: "I wanna kick the ass of Ken Harrelson!"[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=6]Trib Poll: should all of Chicago be ashamed of the White Sox?[/SIZE][/B][/I]
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