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Default WSI Rules and Other Useful Info... Updated 8/6/2017

The rules have now been divided into two posts because of the additional information required. Please read all of the posts in this thread if you want to stay up to date on current revisions.

Basic information:

Registrations are monitored and posting privileges are granted at the discretion of the administrators. Yahoo!, Hotmail and GMail accounts ARE NOT ALLOWED for registration purposes because trolls and spammers are most likely to use them. In addition any registration with a proxy server IP Address or from known spamming ISP's will be automatically deleted. WSI is not a blocked website on any of the services, so there should be no need to use a proxy address to register. Any questions should be sent to

Donations are accepted and appreciated and will be put toward paying server fees. WSI is a privately owned website and and while we have recently started accepting advertising to help defray costs, it will not cover all the bills. That means the rest of the money is coming out of someone's pocket, and it can be expensive to run a site this large. If you'd like to do your part to help keep WSI running, please make a donation by subscribing. In addition to helping defray the server costs, you will receive additional privileges when you subscribe. Those privileges will be determined by the level of subscription you choose. Higher level subscriptions have access to a personal Blog space and private forums for subscribers only. To subscribe, please visit the Subscription Information Page and pick the level that best suits your needs and budget.

Please treat the Mods and Admins at WSI with respect. All of us do this not only for free, but actually help pay for the privilege of running this site out of sheer love for the White Sox and because we enjoy having a community where everyone feels welcome to talk Sox baseball and many other topics. If a Mod or Admin asks you to stop doing something, please just do it. None of us look forward to banning people - especially long time posters, but none of us are afraid to do it if the situation calls for it.

Signatures should be monitored by the poster who chooses to have one. Failure to do so risks your signature privileges. Please refer to the Subscription Information Page for detailed explanations of what your privileges are.

Posting images-is allowed. You may add one picture per thread. For more than one post links to your images instead. Not everyone surfs WSI on a monster broadband connection and multiple images slow down the load times for everyone.

The only threads guaranteed to be left open on these forums are Sox related threads. All other topics of discussion are at the discretion of the moderators and administrators. Off-topic threads are always subject to review and will be closed at the discretion of the Mods/Admins.

Any thread that exceeds 500 posts will be closed and a second thread started with a link to the original thread in the first post of the new "Thread II: Return of The Thread" thread. This is to limit strain on the server and keep the site running smoothly.

E-mail Addresses must be kept up to date. This is not only how you maybe contacted if we need to tell you something, but if your e-dress is old and dead, it causes bounced messages to spam the administrator's accounts with dead e-mail notifications. If this happens too often, you may get in trouble for it.

Please try to familiarize yourselves with all of the forums and try to stay on topic within a given thread. For example, please don't update other game scores in the Sox game threads. If you want to talk about what a rival team is doing find the appropriate place and post there.

General Conduct: We built WSI as a place for good discussion. We don't want the wide open screaming flame wars that occur on many sites. We ask that people not escalate confrontations and if you are feeling angry and getting ready to start screaming at another poster, perhaps it's a good time to take a step back and calm yourself down. Feel free to discuss anything the rules permit but don't let it turn into a fight, that's not why this site is here. If you are looking for a place you can scream and rant and rave at other posters, perhaps you should look elsewhere. In addition if one of your posts/threads "disappears" don't assume it was an internet glitch and repost it. Check the Roadhouse or do a search to find out if your post has been dealt with by a moderator.

Thank you.

-WSI Staff

Useful Site Links:
  • Code of Conduct
  • WSI Dictionary - slang terms, nicknames, etc.
  • FAQ's - Answers to technical questions
  • Home Page - Regular weekly articles, historical articles, interviews with Ex-Sox players, broadcasters and members of the mangement team, game recaps, trivia, polls, etc.
  • photo gallery - Sox related photos, WSI members and historical pictures. Feel free to add your own.
  • Politically Incorrect - WSI's Dark Side: This is an off-site separate forum for WSI posters to talk about politics. To register, your user name and e-dress must perfectly match your WSI information.
  • Chat: People like to chat during games for a more live action feel. All of the site rules listed in the second and subsequent posts apply to chatroom posting also.

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