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Things that will get you in trouble are listed below. If you receive a ban for any reason, DON'T re-register in an effort to get around that ban. If you do your posting privileges will be permanently revoked. If you feel a ban is unfair or has been erroneously applied, contact the Administrators by using the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forums page. Provide your user name and a brief description of the ban you recieved.


No Warnings will be issued. You risk your membership permanently by violating these rules even one time and minimum suspensions will be measured in weeks/months at the discretion of the Mod/Admin who deals with the Post/Thread:

Selling Pirated Material or Telling others how to circumvent Copyright laws is a fast way to get this website in a lot of legal trouble and violators will be dealt with harshly. These violations include - but are not limited to:
  • Selling, trading or otherwise distributing pirated copies of copyrighted material. That includes all games the White Sox played in that were taped by a member of these forums. Please do not ask if anyone can send you a copy nor offer to distribute copies you have made. Not for free, trade or profit.
  • Linking to Sites that facilitate the illegal exchange of copyrighted material. Movies, music and other copyrighted material are protected. Don't provide links to sites that allow users to circumvent those laws.
Posting Pornography: This includes but is not limited to:
  • Images of scantily clad human beings. Women in Bikini's, Men in underwear and obviously anyone engaged in any sex act.
  • animated computer gifs which depict sex acts.
Selling anything for profit or linking to sites where you have an auction going on. No one is allowed to sell anything through the WSI website. If you have a question regarding exceptions to this rule or want to know if you are violating it in advance, contact an Administrator and we will make decisions on a case by case basis, but in general the answer is NO. You are allowed to sell tickets in the WSI Ticket Exchange Forum for face value only. See the rules in that forum for details.

Political Discussions: We tried it before. It didn't work. There are many places on the Internet you can discuss politics, this isn't one of them. Don't start that thread, don't hijack that thread, just don't. As noted above feel free to register and post at to discuss all political topics.

Making claims that decisions about Sox player personnel or the playing time they receive is based on racial bias: Be prepared to back it up with some kind of evidence other than your opinion.

Suggesting that any person should receive physical violence as punishment: That includes umps who make bad calls, players who make errors, sportswriters you disagree with or anyone else. Don't suggest they should be shot, beaten, etc. for their supposed transgression.

Personal Information: Don't post personal information about anyone other than yourself on these forums. That includes last names, address, phone numbers or anything else which could be used to identify that person in the "real world".


Penalties will be enforced as follows:
  1. First Offense: Warning issued in the form of a Private Message or E-mail. Learn how to retrieve these messages and keep your e-dress up to date so you can receive these. If you don't it won't affect the ban you receive when you violate a rule a second time.
  2. Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on the seriousness of the violation and whether it was viewed to be intentional.
  3. Third Offense: See the rules for MAJOR INFRACTIONS.
WSI uses language filters. These filters automatically delete swear words and replace them with stars. Don't attempt to self filter your swear words, just type them as spelled and let the filters do the work. Posters should not attempt to use mis-spelled profanity in an attempt to circumvent the filter. This includes typing things like F*** and S***. Type the words you want exactly as it is properly spelled and let the filter do it's job. People who attempt to self censor are the ones who end up getting in trouble. If the censor takes your word out, you are not in trouble. If the censor does not take your word out, you are not in trouble. If you screw up while attempting to censor yourself, you are in trouble. Internet Slang Abbreviations: can violate this rule. If you use an uncommon or newly created one that violates this rule you will be considered in violation and will receive the appropriate punishment.

Violating Copyright laws: This can lead to legal troubles for the website. In order to avoid such problems, posters are not allowed to quote from copyrighted material. Instead, you may do one of the following:
  • Paraphrase a portion of the article and post a link. Do not quote directly from the article, and keep this part short, like a paragraph.
  • Provide a summary of the article in your own words and post a link. Again, do not quote directly from the article, but feel free to make the summary as long as you wish.
  • Only post a link. You might actually want to include in your title what the link is about or perhaps explain briefly in a phrase or sentence leading into the link.
  • In particular, the Tribune has formally requested that WSI not allow reposting of their images or to allow quotes from their articles, so please do not do so. Feel free to post a link.
Personal Attacks are not allowed. If something another poster says strikes you as stupid you are free to say, "that post was stupid". You are not allowed to say, "You are an idiot." In addition swearing at another poster even if it is all starred out is not allowed. Attack the ideas presented in a post, not the poster who typed it. Depending on the severity of the attack, this may lead to a rip the first time a violation occurs.

Using female names as an Insult. Yes, this includes calling Jon Garland, "Judy." It belittles women by implying they are inherently inferior to men and we don't allow it. In addition, implying a given male player has female genitalia will get you in trouble. Just because it's a clinical term doesn't mean it can be used as an insult.

Using the word "Retarded/Retard" as an insult. These words have clinical meanings and can be used in that manner, but if it's demeaning for people with developmentally disabled relatives to use this word as an insult.

Using the word "Gay" to express negative emotions. Expressions like "that is so gay" are degrading to homosexuals and not allowed at WSI.

Insulting a persons physical appearance: If the best insult you can come up with regarding an opposing player, ump, manager, Sox player or really anyone in general is a rip on them being ugly, fat, or otherwise physically less than perfect, please keep it to yourself. It says a lot more about you that you give a crap about that stuff than it does about the person you are ripping on. Try to have some substance in your complaints. It's a sign of mental weakness if all you can think to say is an attack on a person's appearance...

Bullying is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to boasting about putting another poster on ignore.

Discussing Attendance - no one wants to hear about it. We all go to as many games as time and finances afford. Making broad sweeping generalizations about Sox fan loyalty is trolling. We don't allow trolling.

Replying to a thread/post simply to say, “I hate this topic” or “Why are we talking about this at WSI?” It is considered trolling. If you feel a thread/post violates the rules, feel free to report it, but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s a violation.

Altering the text in quoted posts and implying you have "fixed the post". It is deceitful to alter another poster's text. We don't allow it. This can lead to bans of several months if the behavior persists.

Repeatedly Hijacking Threads: Try to keep it on topic and don't assume just because you like something others will too. Repeatedly hijacking threads with off topic discussions is not allowed. In particular we ask fans of other teams not to hijack other team threads with references to their team - Keep the Bulls' talk in the Bulls' threads and the Hawks' talk in the Hawks' threads. However: if someone does post an off topic comment please don't jump all over it. That merely allows the thread to devolve into a fight and shines extra light on the hijack which can end up giving it legs and creating the very situation we are hoping to avoid. A little patience a little "turn a blind eye" can go a long way to helping solve the problem before it starts.

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