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Originally Posted by Lamp81 View Post
I remeber watching a game on TV, and they showed the finalists, like in the above photo. I remember it being a night game later in the '81 season, after the strike. Good Lord, that was 30 years ago!

I don't remeber if there was anyway for TV viewers to phone in a vote, or if we were expected to mail in our entry.

The funny thing is that they would have been better off keeping the uniforms they had instead of the one that replaced it.

I didn't mind the '87-'90 uniform change, I just would have changed the hat from a "C/E" to the Sox batter logo.
As I recall, Harry recorded a short videotape where he read the voting rules as the six guys wearing the sample uniforms walked in front of the camera. The tape was broadcast during several game telecasts during the '81 season.

I think the ballots were printed in the Sun-Times and you could fill them out and mail them in.
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