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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I'm sure this has been brought up before and maybe it is outside the scope of WSI but I think it would be intersting to have a thread or forum that would display photos of unique or significant White Sox game jerseys. Maybe the "jersey of the week" photo or some other method... I am a long time White Sox jersey collector and I am sure there are many other WSIer's that collect too and it might be interesting for others to see some of the old flannels, the various styles, etc and compare notes learn more about the history etc. Thoughts?
Originally Posted by fisk4ever View Post
How would this be different than the info available on Uniform Watch (Home Page, lower right corner)?
It wouldn't. All it would do is create a headache for the moderating staff when a certain number of posters inevitably start trying to buy and sell stuff here. Check out Gameuseduniverse if you want to talk about old jerseys, but there's plenty of deals gone bad there to give a glimpse of what a headache it can become. Or, as mentioned, look at the excellent Uniform Watch.
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