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Originally Posted by KMcMahon817 View Post
To be fair, the few international signings the SOX have made have been very good. They don't appear to feel the need to fill the minors with a bunch of international guys...but Alexei was an international signing, and he is now one of the best SS the AL, if not the best. Viciedo has proven he can hit MLB pitching, and with a better eye, he could be a monster. They did pay him quite a bit though.

I agree that it would be nice if they would at least sign some guys here and there, but the SOX have gone "all in" with the few signings they have made.
Rationalization. It really doesn't matter that they've hit on a whole two Cuban signings. Completely neglecting almost the entirety of the international talent available to them is inexcusable. An organization with the resources that the Sox have shouldn't get a pass in this area. The same goes for the draft and player development. It needs to be fixed.