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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
Just recently they haven't signed Bryan Morgado, Matt Grimes, and Josef Terry.
Morgado got greedy because he pitched well in the Cape Cod League (was awful last year for the Phills) and Terry was an 8th rounder. Of all those guys Grimes was the only one worth a squirt IMO. High school pitchers in the earlier rounds (not 1st or 2nd) can be tough to sign due to their college option, thus I won't get too upset about Grimes.

Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
You realize how little they spend right? Near bottom of the barrel every year
True (actually we're dead last), but spending does not equal success. Over the past three years, the highest spending teams are the:

Pirates: $30.6M
Red Sox: $28.3M
Nationals: $28.2M
Orioles: $24.8M
Royals: $24.5M
Indians: $21.3M
Rays: $21.1M

I'd rather not have much in common with most of those teams.

The Bottom?

White Sox: $12.7M
Braves: $13.4M
Phillies: $13.9M
Marlins: $13.9M
Mets: $14.3M
Cubs: $14.3M
Twins (gasp!): $15.5M

I think you see where I'm coming from.

I've been watching this for many, many years. Farm systems ebb and flow. The White Sox will rise, everyone will congratulate themselves, then Kenny will make a big trade and everyone will sharpen their pitchforks once more. Personally, as much as I love minor league baseball and watching players develop, I only care about one team and that's the White Sox.
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