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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
So, who is an example of this from another team?
I need to point out to you what a fundamentally sound ball player is?

Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
I don't buy the "rushed" argument, every player is unique. Some players get it faster than others, I haven't seen any evidence that the White Sox have "rushed" any more players than any other organization.
Joe Borchard, Brian Anderson, Jeremy Reed, Danny Wright, Jon Rauch, Mark Johnson, etc. were all promising, highly regarding amateur players, all of them spent less than three seasons in the minors because they could fill a hole on the big league roster, all of them failed to reach their potential. Contrast this to a less highly regarded prospect that was given the time to develop his skills at the pro level in the same system, he won minor league MVP honors twice, and should have been the MVP of the 2005 WS, but he was only allowed that time because he didn't fill a hole on the big league roster.

If you can't see this trend you are walking around with blinders on.