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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
I need to point out to you what a fundamentally sound ball player is?
Actually that's not what I was referring to. This is the quote:

Originally Posted by Daver View Post
Being able to turn out an overall balanced ballplayer would be nice, the only way they do that know is if the player was already that in HS or college.
You say that the White Sox only turn out fundamentally sound or balanced ballplayers only if they know that the player was already fundamentally sound or balanced. My question is do you have any examples of other organizations creating a sound, balanced player?

Originally Posted by Daver View Post
Joe Borchard, Brian Anderson, Jeremy Reed, Danny Wright, Jon Rauch, Mark Johnson, etc. were all promising, highly regarding amateur players, all of them spent less than three seasons in the minors because they could fill a hole on the big league roster, all of them failed to reach their potential.
But yet Buehrle did and he pitched less innings in the minors than Wright or Rauch. Frank Thomas spent a grand total of a year and three quarters in the minors, was he "rushed"? Beckham has a grand total of 259 minor league at bats, is he not going to succeed in the majors because of this? How about Daniel Hudson? The Diamondbacks didn't seem to think that trading a proven starting pitcher was a bad deal for a kid who only pitched in the minors for 2 years. Is Hudson going to fail because he was "rushed"?

I believe there is too much out there for either side of the argument to definitively say that there is a proper way to get youngsters in the majors. I believe it is case-by-case, you and others think there is a blueprint. I can't say I'm right, but no one will be able to convince me I'm wrong. It wouldn't be baseball if there wasn't much to debate.
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