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Triggered by the Robin Ventura management thread but not exclusively due to it, I am reposting this part of one of my replies.

We are starting to get numerous complaints about the tone of the Sox Clubhouse forum, including a few subscribers saying they are going to stop helping out and even leaving the site altogether due to the tone of the posts and threads these last 6 months. Things are going to change in the next year and the folks who cannot control their tempers while posting and insist on bullying everyone are gonna either learn to adapt or leave. It's going to be my off-season agenda. This is supposed to be a place for rational baseball discussion. You can be angry and upset and even express those without letting it deteriorate into the constant spats that have become all too common. It's not going to happen again. I don't have any specific people in mind at the moment, but by next spring we are going to be WSI again not the place a bunch of ranters come to vent their spleen every time the Sox do something that fails to live up to their personal standards of how the team should be run. You have been warned...

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