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I sure hope that Kenny's outlook has changed. The great value of prospects and cheap homegrown talent has become more and more apparent over the years and Kenny has lagged behind in that regard. He certainly has a while to go though. The farm is still barren, and all he's added is Nestor Molina and a bunch of "C" prospects. Simon Castro returning to form would be a big get. Either way, plenty of work needs to be done. Hitting on the 13th pick this summer is very important. I'd also like to see Floyd dealt if he can bring back another "B" prospect and some lower level pieces. The model to success that so many clubs employ is a combination of homegrown talent and free agent pieces. It doesn't have to be one or the other, which many people seem to think is what's advocated when desiring a good farm system. A good farm will augment the big league club, not replace it entirely.
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