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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post

And if you're going to rebuild, then invest in the draft and international FAs, and stop being in lockstep with Bud's caps and the "signability" nonsense that caused our system to turn into the worst in the majors. I can only hope that the next two years are about shedding contracts and rebuilding the system and not another smokescreen of doing just enough to keep the revenue coming in.
I don't see how this adherence to the slot can be a real problem. Even if adherence means that when we draft, say, at 15, we take the 25th best player, the 25th best player still should be a quality player. A lot of our picks are nothing but organizational minor leaguers in talent. It's scouting, bad philosophy or whatever.
My problem with KW's performance is that he gives up our top young talent for mediocre or flawed players that teams are trying to dump. Other teams don't give up their top young talent when getting mediocre players.
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