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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
It might be for the best. If Kenny wants a quick turnaround in his rebuilding effort there are worse things than a top five to ten draft pick.

As for this year I still think the safe bet is on a college pitcher. That might be for the best as pitching is one thing that organization seems to adequately develop. Much more so than position players.

I've also joined whoever it was on the Dahl bandwagon. 5 tool lefty with great bat speed, plate discipline, power, and a good shot at staying in CF? Yes please. Though I think it's unlikely the Sox pick him.

I agree. We just might need a few very valuable picks that hit with some success to get things going again. Just as I was excited with the Beckham pick, we'll likely have another one (or two) of those type picks to monitor coming up.
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