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Default Preseason Predictions - 2012 - thread closes Friday 4/6 3 PM ET LAST CALL!!!

Preseason Prediction Rules - PLEASE READ!

It's that time again...

Here is how it works:

1) The first few posts in this thread are the the potential roster and the template for entering your picks. The roster is strictly a guess and includes several people who obviously won't make the opening day roster (it is well over 25). It is in alphabetical order by sections. You can select anyone you want - even if they aren't on that list. All categories are for who will have the most (that means who will give up the most walks in the pitching category - not the least).

2) Please only post your predictions in this thread. If you want to discuss someone else's predictions, then please open another thread.

3) To make your picks, merely "reply with quote" (use the quote button) to the third message in this thread and start typing your answers inside the quote box next to the appropriate catagory. You can remove the guote tags and the "originally posted by VoodooChile" if you want to but it is not required. Please change the subject of your post to read "(Your name)'s Predictions" (See the title of the 4th post which are my predictions).

4) Please make only one entry in this thread. If you want to change your picks, edit your original post. Second posts will not count and along with any posts that are conversational will be deleted or moved to another thread.

5) This thread will be locked until the end of the season shortly before game time on Opening Day.

6)Post questions about this thread in a separate thread.

7) The predictions will be scored on a weighted average with the winner being given a personalized user title if they want one. Scoring will be as follows:
  • Team Predictions: Nail the win total perfectly - 10 pts. Otherwise up to 4 points for being within 5 of the win total (off by 4 gets you 1 point). Division Placement: 5 pts for correct, 0 otherwise. Post-season success: 5 points for correct, 0 otherwise - be specific about where you expect the Sox to bow out of the playoffs. If you pick WC and they are the WC, but you don't predict where they will go out, you lose.
  • Individual hitting and pitching stats: 5 points per category. These are Sox related predictions only, not league wide.
  • League Predictions: 5 points each for predicting the correct WC and division winners (you will get half points if your team makes the playoffs, but not as you predicted. Example: Dodgers are the WC but you picked them to win their division = 2.5 points). 10 points will be awarded for correctly picking the pennant winners and 20 for picking the WS winner.
8) Have fun...

9) I realize I have been remiss and not managed to name last years winner yet. I will try to get to that this week. I need to do some busy work to figure it out.

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