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Team Stats


Division Placement: 2nd

Post-Season Success: Nada

Batting Leader Predictions

Batting Average: Morel

Homers: Dunn

RBI: Konerko

OPS: Dunn

Steals: DeAza

Walks: Dunn

SO: Rios

Pitching Leader Predictions

Wins: Danks

Saves: Reed

SO: Sale

ERA: Danks

Walks: Peavy

Losses: Peavy

Pick the team you think will win the following titles

League Stats

ALE Champ:

ALC Champ: Tigers

ALW Champ: Angels

AL WC: Rays

AL Pennant Winner: Angels

NLE Champ: Phillies

NLC Champ: Reds

NLW Champ: Giants

NL WC: Braves

NL Pennant Winner: Giants

WS Champion: Angels
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