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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I hope they take Buxton too, but it sounds like the owner wants a safer, quick to the majors pitcher. It really sounds like they will be taking Appel, who has great stuff but is very inconsistent and doesn't get the results that he should. Twins would love for Buxton to fall to them.
After reading this article on Boras and the new draft rules, I'm not so sure:

The Astros have historically not played Boras' games, especially after they got the shaft in Boras' snarky negotiating tactics with them and the Mets over Carlos Beltran. Crane may be a bit different than previous owner McLane, but he's got smart baseball people running things.

If Boras expects any team (much less the Astros who need every pick) to forfeit a future pick and diminish what they can offer their remaining picks (affecting their signability) looking for an old non-slot bonus as a going price for Appel, good luck with that.

The kid's not Strasberg, and he's not even Porcello. I wonder who's the agent for Buxton.
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