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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Provided the CBA allows this, I would not oppose the Sox offering him a shot in Charlotte. If he is healthy, and if he performs well during the next six weeks, call him up on Aug 31 to help the big league bullpen and perhaps make the postseason roster. If he fails the Knights in August or the Sox in September, cut ties. But if he can throw his nasty curve for strikes, he can get big strikeouts in big games against almost anyone except the Twins and Orioles.

The Sox are short on veteran relievers, and this would be a no-risk roll of the dice on a reliever with previous postseason success.
Unless there is a history I am not fully aware of (there was something with the Sox and Jenks but it very well could have been just an Ozzie thing) then I agree with this too.

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