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Originally Posted by soxfan1965 View Post
I felt deflated after the Sox traded Cater for Causey, moreso when Causey didn't work out so well. Cater had an unusual batting stance, standing upright, hands low, with feet close together, hard to believe he could get off an efficient swing. But for me, Cater was a likable player you liked having on your team. When Robinson came up, you felt confident that he would make something happen, though by 1965 he was starting his decline from 1964. Except for the home runs, I didn't think he was that far down from Billy Williams. Too bad Robinson didn't make the All Star game or the post season. It would be nice if the Sox could bring him back for a visit some time, if possible. Speaking of 1964, I noticed that Mike Hershberger died earlier this month. It may be on this site, but I didn't see it posted.
This is about the earliest team i really remember. I fondly recall my Father singing "Danny Boy" When this guy came up to bat. My father invented walk up music but gets no credit
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