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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I can't wait to see how they handle it when a ball that was ruled foul is found to be fair, or a ball that was called a catch is ruled a trap on replay. How will they know how far base runners would have advanced? After all, once the "foul" or "out" call is made, they'll stop running and go back to their bases. The arguments ought to be amazing.
It would probably be easiest to handle it the same way a ground-rule double is handled vs. fan interference. The former is a 2 base advance while the latter is subject to umpire discretion. Most traps occur when an outfielder is coming in for a ball. So, that would be 1 base while a ball down either line would be 2 bases.

After seeing Flowers throw out two Ranger base runners last night, I'd like to see steal attempts added to the list of reviewable plays.
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