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Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie View Post
For my $0.02, I'd start but ****-canning Ed Farmer from the radio broadcast. What a big drop in quality from John Rooney...

Farmer was tolerable with Rooney, but whenever I turn in to a game on the radio I have to forget how bad that booth is now and just laugh whenever they get sidetracked and Farmer goes off on one tangent leading into another. As for the TV side, I understand why Hawk is both loved and hated by many; and I don't really fall down on either side of that argument. But Farmer & DJ stand out to me as so much worse than Hawk and Stoney. A casual fan would just have no idea what is going on during a game with Farmer/DJ; and, beyond the casual fan it often takes me awhile to get a score or a count or how many outs there are or anything like that.
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