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As long as Hawk is alive and in good health he will be broadcasting for the White Sox. Jerry Reinsdorf's extreme loyalty will assure that. I am the biggest Hawk supporter out there because he is the last of a dying (or maybe dead) breed. His old time stories and nostalgia he brings to the booth is what makes me so excited to watch Sox games. Also the passion he shows is unmatched by any other announcer. I always run to listen to his calls of certain key moments (either good or bad) in games.

That being said it's obvious that Stone is not comfortable embracing the Sox as "his" team. As Brian26 has said he just will not do anything to show support of the Sox brand and product and its inexcusable IMO. Hawk's unique style works with anybody who also cares that the Sox succeed. It doesn't work with a national style broadcast which is what Stone tries to bring.

Like I said I'm extremely biased towards Hawk and would be devastated if he was ever forced to leave...the game with Stone and Huff was painful to listen to. Lacked the excitement that a Sox game should bring. Just my two cents.