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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Just out of curiosity, and I don't like Hawk very much, either, but do people really think the TV and radio announcers bring fans to the park? Like, do you actually think there is this subgroup of Sox fans that want to go see the team live and in person, but don't because Hawk Harrelson and Ed Farmer are butchering the games on TV and the radio?
In many respects, this is the most important question facing Sox brass. If the announcers can be seen as part of the marketing arm of the team (which I believe), then in my opinion some of the blame on the attendance problems over the past decade can be traced to Harrelson. He is one of the biggest homers when it comes to announcers on in TV (from a recent poll), so you can draw a conclusion that he has not been successful in creating new fans, since the Sox have had attendance problems for years.

Fandom is not all created merely by wins and losses (as can be seen by the support of teams like the Cubs) but by latent and nurtured feelings about a team, what it stands for, its public perception, how it plays to a person's feelings and sense of belonging. Harrelson creates a feeling of persecution, made up of bad calls, bad luck, and incessant woe-is-me play by play. People tune it to baseball as a diversion and they don't want to hear all this negativity.

Harrelson has not created new fans because he only preaches to the choir. And the choir does not like him universally, either.

Would we be having this discussion if Vin Scully were the announcer for the past 20 years?