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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Nell. You're right Bill Veeck was no saint but there was one quality he did have, he got along with most people, especially the news media. I was at the press conference in the Bards Room at the Old Comiskey Park when Veeck announced that Don Kessinger was going to be the new manager of the White Sox. You could see how much the newspaper writers were in awe of Veeck. Frankly it mystefied me as to what they saw in him. I thought his second ownership of the White Sox was a flop. I couldn't believe it when he was voted into the BB HOF.
If you want to read a good baseball book read "Baseball's Greatest Maverick" by Paul Dickson, it is a well balanced & researched book about Veeck and I think it would give you a better idea why he is in the HOF. The man was a pioneer in race relations, marketing, financing, customer relations, etc.
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