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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
But do the White Sox lose any more down the stretch than the 29 other teams? Do they have more injuries than the 29 other teams? You'd have to look at all of that before actually saying that those things about the White Sox. Unless facts aren't important and you're just looking at the White Sox in a vacuum.
Lip has documented that 6 of 10 years, the White Sox played sub-.500
ball in the second half. By definition, those years, the opponents were better
at overcoming adversity and winning games. That is a fact, 6 of 10 years the
Sox won less than half of their second half contests, while those same 6 years, the opposition won more than half (>50%) of second half games against the White Sox. Those years, the W/L record reveals the bottom line, and not a vacuum.

I notice that Oakland runs out a young lineup with farm call-ups every year, and often that team gets better as the season progresses. The White Sox seem to get overly sober and tired.
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