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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
One reason that the Wimpy games were so good this year? Sox were 6-1 in those games. That makes Hawk happy and Sox fans happy,so Wimpy gets some love.

I like Wimpy but he did not really analyze this year,just agreed with Hawk on Hawks opinions,mainly. Ok for a fill-in,but for a full season,Wimpy would have to really re-tool his act and do some real homework.

Dan Bernstein,who loves to mock Hawk, says today that his sources say that Stone would like to return,but only with a different play by play partner.....not gonna happen.
Are those the same sources that told him Hawk was getting suspended for his umpire rant? Or that Illinois was going to hire a new basketball coach from a top 5 program?

I always felt like Stone was trying to be one of the "cool kids" with all his appearances on talk radio...maybe him and Hawk should have aired out like two grown ups instead of having Stone make little digs at Hawk on the radio all the time and then Hawk ignoring him during games. Who knows maybe they tried.