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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Which is why IMO Rick Hahn should at least look into trading him now for a spectacular return and financial flexibility while he still has that potential.

I know no player is alike, even Cuban players, but look at Alexei. He's been here 5 full seasons, and while he has a bit more patience and gets into slightly better counts now than earlier, he's still the same free swinger and hacker at pitches outside the zone as he was as a rookie.

Also, Alexei's power numbers looked really good to us the first few years too, and have since declined since then due to pitchers knowing how to get him out.

Bottom line, IMO, we really can't expect massive improvement from Viciedo. Could he be a .240-270 hitter with 30 HRs and 100 RBIs in a few years, yes. But with the poor approach, given away at-bats and borderline awful situational hitting that that comes with it, can we really rely on him to hold down cleanup or 5th once Paul and Rios are gone, unless we expect less from those spots than we do now?

Someone had a famous saying that you know all about a hitter after 1000 at-bats. Well Viciedo has 711 at the end of this season.
I don't think you gain any financial flexibility in trading Viciedo. Let's say he gets $6million--and you're freeing up $4million from this year--that does not gain you much out of a total of $100m payroll. The big boosts would be in somehow trading Danks or Dunn.

But I do agree with you on Ramirez. He has not improved at the plate (despite having the most? RBIs or a SS this year). I would rather have Viciedo at $6m than Ramirez at $7m. Trade Ramirez when you can get something pretty good for him (like a 3B, C, or outfielder). He's not going to get any better, while Viciedo has a chance to get better. (Especially if he stopped trying to hit every pitch 600 feet.)

Bring in a good fielding SS that can do the little things at the plate and use the Ramirez money on someone else.
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