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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
And one more thing regarding attendance, the traffic, especially during the week, is killing them. I live in the Northern burbs, and it could take 90 minutes-2 hours to get to the Cell. The traffic is too much. As a result, I mainly go to the games on the weekends. Other North Side Sox fans (yes, we exist) have the same lament. I've told Brooks Boyer that is a major problem. Not sure the Sox can do anything about that."

Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I personally agree on this one. Before I moved, the time involved in a trip to 35th and Shields was a major consideration for me in attending a game versus watching it on TV. There was no good way to get there from Wheaton; it was a long, miserable, stop and go, frustrating trip every time.
This is true for the Sox as well as the other teams in Chicago. The traffic during the PM Rush Hour is a major pain if you're trying to get to the ballpark by 7:00 if you're coming in from the suburbs. I suppose the Bears get a break because there usually isn't much traffic on Sunday mornings, but getting to a Monday night game by car is a major test of your inner peace. I work downtown, so getting to a Sox game or a game at the UC during the week isn't difficult, but if I worked in the suburbs, I would be at a lot less games.

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