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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
It's not a realistic scenario at all, but hypothetically, I think Ventura's calm intensity and Herm Schneider's expertise would benefit Hamilton. Also, if I were Hamilton's friend, knowing that his troubles with the Rangers got magnified as the team attracted more media attention, I might try to steer him toward a team like the Sox for the following reasons:

1. The Sox are second fiddle to the Cubs in a football-first town, and therefore don't get a ton of media coverage;

2. Chicago isn't as overtly evangelical as Texas or even other Midwestern markets, meaning a big part of the fan base in Chicago won't be putting added pressure on you to be a religious role model (no one in Chicago will judge you if you have a few beers);

3. Avoid the overly negative fans and sports media in Boston, Philly and New York;

4. Stay away from the permissive drug culture prevalent on the West Coast.
Chicago has a vibrant night-life. I'm positive he would relapse here.
Setbacks are setups for comebacks
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