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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
Shed 50 million, picked up Soler/Almora and get the 2nd draft pick.

What would have been a successful year?
A successful year would have been had any of the dozen+ young players they brought up from the farm shown that they are actual MLB caliber players. Other than Rizzo there was not one silver lining among the clouds. Brett Jackson looked absolutely clueless --- his lack of pitch recognition skills rivals Brent Lillibridge --- Vitters is looking more like a straight up bust every day, and the young pitchers? They'll be lucky if any of the kids they ran out there are still w/the team come 2014.

Speaking of 2014, my guess is that Starlin Castro will be moved to 3B by then. You can't have an error machine at the most important defensive position on the field.

Also, Soler, Almora, and the 2nd pick guarantees absolutely nothing.
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