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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
I'd call D.J Lemaheiu and Tyler Colvin for Ian Stewart a wash.

Was there something else to that trade? That's meh for meh.
The Sean Marshall trade was not particularly good either. I think they hoped for better than they got from Travis Wood. I'm sure Wood will be in their rotation against next year. He's left-handed and still young, but he hasn't established himself yet.

They relieved themselves of a headache with the Zambrano deal, but Volstad was a complete disaster for them as well.

I don't see how you can say the only thing that went wrong for Theo and Friends was the Dempster trade. There's really not much question the best piece they had to trade was Garza. Unlike Dempster, Garza can pitch in the American League. He's the kind of guy who can help any team in baseball. He's simply a better pitcher than Dempster. Unfortunately for the Cubs, he went down at the worst possible time, killing his trade value in the short run. The Cubs will probably have to hold on to him until he proves he's healthy, and then they won't get as good a return as they would have had they been able to deal him in July.

The Cubs still have bad contracts in Soriano and Marmol that they need to move. They would have liked to have gotten Soriano's ass out of there in July, too, but he wouldn't approve a deal to the Giants.

I don't see how the failures of guys like Jackson and Vitters are wins for Theo's regime. Sure, those players are left over from the Hendry Era, but wouldn't it have been beneficial for the Cubs if those guys had shown SOMETHING, if for no other reason than to increase their trade value?

I think the Cubs' positives this year were limited to Rizzo and Samardzija. At this point, Theo and Friends have realized the hole is even deeper than they thought. That's why they've gone public in pleading for patience from the fans. It's going to be horrible on the North Side again next year and probably the year after that as well.
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