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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I've NEVER heard a radio team as bad and annoying at DJ and Farmer- I've loved listening to baseball on the radio since I was little lid sneaking the radio under my pillow for late night west coast games.

Now- I'll only listen to them to get a score- and even that is a challenge with those 2-
Originally Posted by Rocky Soprano View Post
I completely agree. I hate listening to them, especially when DJ does the play by play for an inning or two. He is just horrible.
I agree with you both.Farmer can be a good analyst at times,but DJ....yeesh!! I appreciate John Rooney and his Columbia School of Broadcasting voice more and more every day.And Bradley72,you're right about trying to get a ballgame score out of DJ and Farmer.Any night I worked late this summer,i'd drive home listening to the game screaming 'What's the ****ing score already?!?!" at my radio.
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