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The post season has been great so far .. i really wanted the Orioles and A's to meet in the next round,but oh well .. unlike just about everyone on here, i don't hate the Tigers .. if the White Sox hadn't crashed at the end of the season, no one would have even given them a second thought .. i grew up rooting for whatever team won our league or division, so it's difficult for me to change .. i don't even hate the Yankees, im just bored watching them .. they are on the national broadcasts 2 or 3 times a week, all season long, and in the playoffs damn near every year .. i wish they would just go away and leave me alone lol .. i also don't hate the Cardinals, since i don't watch enough NL baseball to hate a team from that league, and i've always liked the fact that St. Louis is a baseball first town .. i suppose i'm envious of that fact, as i have lost interest in every other sport save baseball .. i'm not all that excited about watching the Tigers and Yankees, but it will be hard to stay away ..
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