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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Agreed. I have no love lost for the Tigers, they're a divisional rival after all, but it's not like they stole anything from the Sox; you can't have stolen what you just gave away. The Sox pissed away the division and the Tigers happened to the lucky recipients.

But the Yankees? **** those ****ing ****ers.
Absolutely. No way I'm rooting for the ****ing Yankee$$$$$.

I have no love for the Tigers either, but l can't blame them for the Sox totally handing them the division title. I have to give Tigers management and ownership credit for going for it. While we spend another winter pointing fingers at JR, KW, and the Sox farm system, the Tigers (a mid-market team) developed the talent and were willing to spend the money to get players like Cabrera and Fielder and Scherzer....and they're in the ALCS.