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Originally Posted by ChicagoG19 View Post
Unfortunately it goes back to the chicken and egg argument. The Sox will spend money fans show up and fans claim they will show up when the team spends money. It is my opinion that the Sox held up their end of the bargain. Jerry started to spend the cash when Sox were drawing nearly 3 million in 2006.
I totally disagree with this statement. Fans don't show up because of the Sox payroll, they show up because of the performance of the team on the field. There is a difference. Look at 2011. High payroll, but do you really think Sox fans were supposed to show up after the team totally stunk up the place that season?

Sure the Sox opened up the purse strings on the major league payroll, but they've also had 4 straight disappointing seasons and 6 disappointing seasons in the last 7. That's why attendance has declined every year, not because the payroll is $X million - it's because the performance on the field has caused the Sox attendance and season ticket number bleed from their highs in 2006 to their status today.

I really, really hope people in Sox management/ownership understands this difference. If they seriously think the way things work is that they throw money at certain players and then fans have to "hold up their end of the deal" even if the team flops, then I don't see much hope in the situation improving any time soon. Just spending money on players like Adam Dunn won't help if the team falls apart during the pennant stretch each year.

In the end, it's not only about spending money on veterans for the major league payroll. Sox management needs to succeed in putting together a team that can go up against the big boys in the AL for more that 1 year. Heck, how about just putting up a team that can string together at least some titles in the weaker AL Central more than once every 5 years or so?

If the current Sox management can't pull of that task, then maybe there needs to be changes in management.

One last thing about payroll - yes, JR ponied up money for the MLB payroll in recent years. That's good because it's often a key component for a competitive team. But how much has Sox ownership invested in scouting, player development, etc. over the last 10 years? I really don't know much about what they're doing with the minor league system, but I can plainly see that it's not working in terms of giving this team enough depth to be a pennant contender.

If Sox management really has questions about why attendance is declining, I hope they're looking no further than the mirror.
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