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Default Lower ticket prices in '13

All of these Tweets below are from this morning. Not sure the parking drop will be enough, but it's a start. A report also just came over The Score (in an update) that STH prices are dropping something like 26% on average.
Daryl Van Schouwen @CST_soxvan
White Sox will be 'taking aggressive steps to lower cost of attending games next season'

Daryl Van Schouwen @CST_soxvan
Sox lowering ticket prices, 'creating affordable seating options that will be available to fans in lower and upper levels on daily basis.'

Daryl Van Schouwen @CST_soxvan
On a daily basis, corner seats in lower deck available for $20 and upper deck corner seats for $7, all season except for Opening Day, Cubs

Daryl Van Schouwen @CST_soxvan
Parking also is being dropped – to $20 (down from $25 and $23).

Daryl Van Schouwen ‏@CST_soxvan
Cheaper season ticket options as well.

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