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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
So Club Level, Lower Box, Premium Lower, and Gold Coast & Scout Seats are staying the same/increasing?

I have a feeling alot of people in Lower Box will jump to a different section.
Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Seats at most of these locations are business owned, investors (brokers), and wealthy people.

Those folks have no problem affording those prices for a premier location.

1) I bet 90% would hate to give up their premier locations. 2) There are plenty other people (same financial bracket) out there that would jump at the opportunity to take those seats.

I think the Sox do very well in selling 85-90% of their premier locations.

I would like to see the true number on that.

It's everywhere else in the park where they struggle to sell. This is a real good move to lower prices as they are.
LYS: not true about Lower Box. Where did you get your information? That is where my seats are and they are not corporate owned. In fact, this past season, all the seats in my row (Sec. 115, row 5) with the exception of my two seats were available at the Box Office. Over the past two years, many people who were sitting around me did not renew. Well over 15%. I won't be renewing next year due to $$ unless someone wants to buy my entire package and get all the tickets.

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