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Originally Posted by Wedema View Post
The fireworks currently come from the scaffolding in the players parking lot and not the scoreboard.
That's true. It's a site limitation given the position of the board in relation to the neighboring building. But the fireworks' lanching position doesn't change the point of my comment about the pedestrian way the board currently celebrates a home run.

It's not simple nostalgia for 1960. Home runs were then, and still are, relatively rare things that bring on eruptions of noise from the crowd. Veeck's fun-at-the-ballpark insight was that the scoreboard should join in the celebration just like the noisy pinball machine that was its inspiration. The scoreboard's act was different every time because the patterns of the lights and the sound effects were randomized.

It was such an over-the-top addition to the game that it wasn't long before other teams adopted similar stunts. What we have now is an increase in the noise floor: fan noise meters, "everybody clap your hands," "r-o-w-d-i-e," and all the rest. I just think that with some imagination and money from a couple of sponsors the White Sox could recapture their legacy for creative enjoyment.
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