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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
Easy solution to the Hall of Fame is to incorporate it into the new store on 35th Street. Accessible to all and a draw to the store.

Here's an odd one. How about concessions/vendors in the parking lots. I love to tailgate, but there are times when I just don't feel like loading up the grills and the coolers. This might lead to the set up of a Yawkey Way type of arrangement.

The Sox also have to get rid of the "bum's rush" attitude at the end of the game. Closing concession stands early, including the souvenir stands and shops, the nightly announcement that you can stay for the press conference, but then the park is closed, and the Bullpen bar evacuation seemingly minutes after the game. The announcement should invite fans to Bicardi's and the Bullpen Bar and then allow them to stay open for a reasonable time after the game.

Total agreement on a refresh of promotion nights. Mullet night is an embarrassment, a self affirming stereotype.

Oh, and bring back straight A and perfect attendance give away for kids. I swear this made my family go to more games.
I agree with this 100% Make the fans feel like you, ya know, actually WANT us there. I was there twice this year for 1:10 starts and they werre clearing the place out by 4:00.
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?

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