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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
And yes, I've complained to my ticket rep about such things time and time again, so it's obvious to me that these concerns by everyday fans are being ignored.
Give me a break. I'm sure the Sox have heard plenty of griping about the UD policy they just feel it's a better way to run their business. Your post reeks of entitlement. Just because they don't implement or agree with every single little thing you think they're doing wrong doesn't mean at all it's being "ignored." It's possible to gather data, evaluate it, and then make a choice that not all customers will agree with. You don't even have anything other than anecdotal evidence that you're in the majority opinion.

The long problem wasn't that the Sox closed off the Lower Bowl to Upper Deck ticket holders. The problem was there wasn't a really competitively priced Lower Bowl ticket. Now there is. Win-win.
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