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Default Bill Gleason

Lip: Bill Gleason said alot of things. The night before the final vote in Springfield to vote for the funding of the new Comiskey Park, Gleason told me he was sick of the Reinsdorf/Einhorn ownership and hoped they would move the team to St. Pete. He said St. Pete would be a graveyard for baseball. He also said Chicago would get another American League team after the White Sox went to Florida. After the White Sox stayed in Chicago Gleason went on the Score a few years later and said the White Sox paid off the politicians to get the deal done here in Chicago. Gleason said alot of things, some of which were absolutely crazy. Probably the one thing he did that topped everything else was when he left the Chicago Sun Times because he said was being discriminated against because of his age and then becoming a has been in Chicago. If he would not of quit the Sun Times like he did the Sun Times would not of hired the one and only Count Dracula of journalism, Jay Mariotti.
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