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Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco, Saturday-Monday in Detroit, next Wednesday (Halloween) and Thursday back in San Francisco.

Despite the fact that these two are among the "original eight" in each of their leagues, they have never met in the World Series.

Giants in their 19th World Series (most by any NL team), Tigers in their 11th. Giants are 6-12 in their previous 18, Tigers 4-6 in their previous 10.

Remember that the Giants have home field due to the All-Star Game, mostly because Verlander got pounded in the first inning of that game, where a number of Giants had a big hand in that pounding. Usually it ends up that the All-Star Game is won or lost by players that won't even make the playoffs.
It looks like the Giants broke a 3-way tie of most World Series appearances by an NL team. The Cardinals and Dodgers also have appeared in 18 WS. So, either way this year, the winner of the NLCS was going to make their 19th World Series appearances.

Oh, and as far as the 16 original franchises go, the White Sox are tied with Cleveland for dead last in appearance with only 5.

The Flubs have had 10 appearances, but of course their last appearance was almost 70 years ago.
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